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Brecon Craft Fair – Mar 21st


We had a lovely day at the Brecon Craft Fair last weekend. I really appreciated all the people who came over and said nice things about the pieces. Some even took some away, I wonder where they’re hanging now?


So, after such a good time at an excellent venue, we have booked to be there again next month. Hope to see you there.

Pebble Stories Shopping Bags and Cards

Shopping Bags

Well the countdown clock to my first show is getting ever closer to zero. After weeks of preparation and planning my checklist is nearly full of ticks. yay!

Yesterday I took delivery of my Pebble Stories shopping bags and cards. I’m very pleased with both and hope it makes every purchase that little bit more personal. They even have some of my ‘pebble customised’ thank you cards attached.

If you’d like to find me, I will be at the Brecon Craft Fair on Saturday 21st on Mar. I’ll be easy to find, I’ll be the one looking  anxious behind a huge pebble stories banner. I’ll also be at some other events throughout spring and summer, take a look at the events page for the specifics.






The pressure is on…..eek!

show pictures

Things have moved on pretty quickly since I decided (Was coerced) into offering my work to the public. I have now agreed to take a pitch in a local craft fair, so I really need to come up with a plan for how I’m going do it.

It’s pretty much an anxiety overload for me at the moment, what if no one likes my work, what if i can’t get them ready in time for the show? What do I wear,  will have to speak to people I don’t know? I should have kept quiet.

And relax….

Thankfully my family have been a great help, they’ve managed to settle me down and put my head back on.  I do a lot of project planning in my day job, so i just need to apply what I know and I can achieve what I’ve set out to.

This is Squeak, he never leaves my side… he’ll pop up in my work quite often too!