I'll Ride With You



I sometimes find some unusually coloured pebbles when I’m picking or sorting. The pebbles I find locally are usually made up of four of five different varieties such as Pembrokeshire Blue stone or sandstone.

The inspiration for this piece comes from finding a pebble that is different from the local variety, I wonder where it came from and how it got here. It doesn’t fit, yet it somehow does.

My wife is a primary school teacher in a local school, the school has an increasing number of children who come from outside of Wales, many from Asia and the continent. Children don’t have the same  baggage as adults and so are very good at welcoming newcomers.

Through the use of the tweeters, the scene depicts an adult and a groups of youngsters, a newcomer stands on the sideline, but is welcomed by one of the group.

#illrifdewith you (I’ll Ride With You) is named after the twitter campaign in 2015.

I'll Ride With you


The piece comes in a black or white 10 inch (25cm) frame. The pebbles are handpicked from my favourite spot on Carmarthenshire Bay.

Every #illridewithyou is unique but will follow the story as shown in the images above. You can view pieces for sale on my online store.