#Croeso is the Welsh word for welcome; you’ll see it on road signs and peoples faces all over the country. We even have a song…

‘We’ll keep a welcome in the hillsides,
We’ll keep a welcome in the Vales.
This land you knew will still be singing,
When you come home again to Wales.’


This piece is inspired by the place I usually utter the word. If you arrive at our home, you’ll always be made very welcome, more so if you bring a bottle.


My wife will tell you that I have a ‘thing’ about front doors. I think it’s an important place so the door needs to reflect that. For me it has to be wood, in a traditional style and preferably in a bold colour. I actually have a mantra..’Entering ones home should not resemble entering a cabin on a submarine’.. Lol

I will be making a small run of #croeso, if you’d like to reserve one please contact me.

Pebble Sustainability


I’m often asked where I get my pebbles and if I’m allowed to take them from the beach.

The pebbles I use are collected by me at a secret cove I have found on the Carmarthenshire coast. When I go picking I usually find a pocket full of a certain type depending on what I’m working on.  Today for instance I went looking for sea glass and worn shells.

On whether you can collect pebbles and shells, I have spent time researching it and the opinion on-line is varied. Some say that shells and pebbles are common property, some that they are owned by the local council. Either way, I would never want my action to cause any harm to my local environment. Even though there are hundreds of millions of pebbles at my favourite spot, if everyone were to take a handful that would have an impact.

Replacing pebbles

So, being concious of my surroundings I do everything I can to be as sustainable as possible. Firstly, if I take pebbles that are not suitable, I put them aside and return them to the shore when I next go picking. Secondly, I have bought a bag of pebbles that  and use them to replace what I have removed.

All of my work uses handpicked pebbles, I swap them for shop bought ones.

#Wedding Day


We have been having a great time at the shows and events recently, It’s been wonderful to get the feedback from fellow pebble lovers. I’ve had quite a few people asking me if I make wedding stories and if I can personalise them.

I’m starting to like requests, here’s the first view of #ourwedding.


This one is dedicated to my wife Helen…


#ourwedding will be personalised for the bride and groom and is commissioned especially for you,   if you would  like me to create one for you please contact me here or via the facebook page.






I have taken a small departure from my pebble stories today.  A good friend of mine asked me to create a piece for him and his family, eek a commission with little or nothing to go on!

Helen and I have known the Claytons ever since we were in school, we’ve seen each other get married, buy a first home and have kids. I have hundreds of memories and most likely a photograph to go with each.

claytonsI found this old photograph while looking for a  pictures for the post, I really like it. 

So, when I was asked to design a story around their family I almost immediately began to picture an outdoorsy day with the two  boys up to mischief with their parents hollering ‘be careful!”

The scene is a river bank with crossing stones, the boys are unable to resist crossing via the tips of the rocks. Mum and dad holler…



Sorry, but #claytons is a commission, so will not be available in the online store or at events.



The Flower Contest

What is it about Sunflowers? Like the smell of freshly cut grass or even Seahorses, they  seem to have that unique ability to be liked by all. I have some very fond memories that have Sunflowers as the focal centrepiece.

While not depicted here, one of my favourites is a weekend break my wife and I took in the Cotswolds. We were staying in a lovely village called Moreton on Marsh,  and while exploring the area we drove past a field full of sunflowers. I  had to stop to take a closer look, so grabbed my Lomo LC-A camera and took a stroll in the field. A single sunflower is something, but walking beneath thousands is something else entirely. If you ever get the chance to do the same, I highly recommend it.


So, what’s the story?

When my wife and I moved home from London, we bought a modest family home with a small garden. I found out that an old school friend (Mr Bohemian) lived in the opposite house and we would often spend some wine fuelled evenings putting the world to rights.

On one such evening, Mr Bohemian was banging on about his gardening skills (Neither of us have green fingers), so  I suggested a contest to see who could grow the tallest Sunflower. Not one to do anything half hearted, I took the contest quite seriously. I planted the seedling in an enormous pot complete with the largest water tray imaginable, I used lashings of plant food I even moved the plant around the garden during the day to maximise the sunlight.

Needless to say I won the contest, but now whenever I see a lone sunflower I think back to the summer where I dedicated too much time to a that Sunflower. All because I’d drunk too much wine!


The piece comes in a black or white 10 inch (25cm) frame. The pebbles are handpicked from my favourite spot in Carmarthenshire Bay.

Every #theflowercontest is unique but will follow the story as shown in the images above. You can view pieces for sale on my online store


Brecon Craft Fair – Mar 21st


We had a lovely day at the Brecon Craft Fair last weekend. I really appreciated all the people who came over and said nice things about the pieces. Some even took some away, I wonder where they’re hanging now?


So, after such a good time at an excellent venue, we have booked to be there again next month. Hope to see you there.

Pebble Stories Shopping Bags and Cards

Shopping Bags

Well the countdown clock to my first show is getting ever closer to zero. After weeks of preparation and planning my checklist is nearly full of ticks. yay!

Yesterday I took delivery of my Pebble Stories shopping bags and cards. I’m very pleased with both and hope it makes every purchase that little bit more personal. They even have some of my ‘pebble customised’ thank you cards attached.

If you’d like to find me, I will be at the Brecon Craft Fair on Saturday 21st on Mar. I’ll be easy to find, I’ll be the one looking  anxious behind a huge pebble stories banner. I’ll also be at some other events throughout spring and summer, take a look at the events page for the specifics.








Rendezvous is reimagination of my teenage days where I’d meet up with my wife to be in the woods near my childhood home. It was pretty much your classic Romeo and Juliet situation,  although it is safe to say I’m no Romeo.


The piece comes in a black or white 10 inch (25cm) frame. The pebbles are handpicked from my favourite spot in Carmarthenshire Bay.

Every #rendezvous is unique but will follow the story as shown in the images above. You can view pieces for sale on my online store.



On days when I’m picking or sorting pebbles, I seem to find unusual colours and textures. I love the way they stand out against the usual blues, reds and browns that are natural to my shoreline.

Seeing the variety of local and foreign pebbles reminded me of my time working in London. I come from a small coastal town in Wales, so on my first day walking in to a design studio brimming with people from all over the world came as a quite surprise.  Oh the parties!



The piece comes in a black or white 10 inch (25cm) frame. The pebbles are handpicked from my favourite spot in Carmarthenshire Bay.

Every #tweet is unique but will follow the story as shown in the images above. You can view pieces for sale on my online store.