‘Patience’ is a new work using some very special materials.

As you’ll have seen before, my cat called Bob is the protagonist once again, sitting patiently under the tree waiting for the birds to come within his cunning grasp.


The tree itself something I’ve been yearning to do for some time, I suppose it is the tree that I have held in my imagination since I was a small child. Something inspired by the children’s books I read at my grandmother’s house.. I can’t remember them all, but I know that ‘Green eggs and ham was one of them’ .  If you combined this with my later Dali discovery, you’ll get the idea.


The materials I have chosen for this piece are very special indeed.

Seaham Sea Glass : A friend of mine (Mr White) lives quite close to the world famous sea glass beach at Seaham, the glass there is a relic from the huge glass industry that was there at the turn of the eighteenth century. Local stories speak of factories dumping tons of glass into the sea, which has tumbled quietly along for over a hundred years. Thank you for your help Mr White!

Sunrise at Chemical Beach Seaham

This is the first time I have had custom frames made for my work. So, slightly daunted, I recently paid a visit to a local framing specialist (House of Frames). If you’ve never done this before (and you’re a little bit scatty like me), I can offer one piece of advice. Ask for help as soon as you arrive, I did and Phil took me from novice to buyer in no time at all. I am very happy with the high quality result..


I’ve haven’t decide where or even if to sell ‘Patience’ No.1 yet.. I’m quite keen to keep hold of it.