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#at the door – New 50cm Frames

pebble art

I bought some extra large frames a few weeks ago and have been toiling over what stories to put in them ever since. I must have drawn stacks of sketches with all sorts of ideas, but in the end I thought that my first large  piece should be an upscaled version of one of my most well received pieces, #Croeso.

Two things struck me immediately. One, the little red doors was only eight and half centimetres high and I needed to fill a space four times that. Two, I wanted to enjoy making something new.

This is how it went….

When I was in my early twenties I was stuck on a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. I was pretty hopeless at that age (If not still) and had little cash and even less sense. One lunchtime, I was wandering through Shopper’s Walk in Swansea when I spotted a print in the window of a small gallery.  The piece was called ‘At the door’ by Toni Goffe, I loved it, I therefore bought it and declared it the best Christmas gift ever. She married me.

This piece is the inspiration for my latest work.

At the door by Toni Goffe

The frame is 50cm, which is slightly too large for my photography studio. But it is quite impressive when hung.



Hopefully I’ll get some more time soon to produce more large scale works.





Sorting in the sun

On the few days when the sun graces Llanelli, I like to get out of the workshop and work in the fresh air. After  weeks of what seems like  end to end pebble art, I seriously needed to sort out my pebbles.

pebble sorting

So, today I went  in search of cat heads and plant pots! Even though my mind has re-programmed itself to see ‘things’ in the stones, it is quite easy to mistake a cat head for a pot, sometimes they are impossible to separate. My solution… a venn diagram… tune in next time for ‘Is it a hatch-ling or a leaf’!

I hope you had as productive a day in the sun as I did… the wine glass is just out of shot!


#goedwig new for sale

goedwig pebbleart

My latest piece is titled ‘Goedwig’ which is the Welsh word for forest or woodland. Ever since I produced the ‘Great Oak’, I have wanted another piece that would compliment it. I think this works as the perfect pendant.

Forest represents the woodland that borders my home, there are some ancient oaks, silver birch and many other species each with their own colouring and characteristics.  In fact most of my work will include the branches of these very trees.

goedwig pebbleart


Every #goedwig is unique but will follow the story as shown in the images above. You can view pieces for sale on my online store or contact me if you don’t see the one(s) you’d like own.