The pressure is on…..eek!

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Things have moved on pretty quickly since I decided (Was coerced) into offering my work to the public. I have now agreed to take a pitch in a local craft fair, so I really need to come up with a plan for how I’m going do it.

It’s pretty much an anxiety overload for me at the moment, what if no one likes my work, what if i can’t get them ready in time for the show? What do I wear,  will have to speak to people I don’t know? I should have kept quiet.

And relax….

Thankfully my family have been a great help, they’ve managed to settle me down and put my head back on.  I do a lot of project planning in my day job, so i just need to apply what I know and I can achieve what I’ve set out to.

This is Squeak, he never leaves my side… he’ll pop up in my work quite often too!