I’ve always loved the idea of a swing for two. When I was a child my parents had a canopy swing in the garden;  my brother, sister and I would swing on it all afternoon with my mother reminding us that it was not a toy…. great memories.

Now that I’m all grown up I still love the idea; and with plenty of trees in the garden I can now realise my childhood ‘toy’. So I suppose this piece is a story about what will be.


The piece comes in a black or white 10 inch (25cm) frame. The pebbles are handpicked from my favourite spot in Carmarthenshire Bay.

Every #swingseat is unique but will follow the story as shown in the images above. You can view pieces for sale on my online store.


Pebble Hunting

Secret Pebble Beach

I had quite a few things left on my to-do list in preparation for my first show. So, in the spirit of dodging anything that I found tedious, I decide that Friday would be a pebble hunting day. Yay!

More often than not  I will go pebble hunting alone, but this time I needed to collect more than my usual haul.  I have tweenage twin daughters and the idea was to tempt them into helping me out.  So, we planned a family fun outing to the beach, with a promise of McDonald’s on the way home.

helen and cooper

Helen and Cooper along for the ride,









‘The Watcher’ is one of the first stories I decided to create. I am lucky enough to have quite a large garden with plenty of trees and there’s no place better in summer. I often see me my cat Squeak staking the birds, although he never seems to attempt to catch any. That doesn’t stop him climbing the trees and watch the birds in the higher branches for hours on end. I sometimes wonder what is going through his mind while he sits and watches.. who knows?


The final pieces are framed at 23cm by 23 cm in  black or white. Every #thewatcher piece is original and may not look exactly as the images here. Please look at my online store for the piece you may choose to buy. Or alternatively, come and see me at the shows and events I am attending.